2019 Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Albert P. Weisman Winners. During the course of the award period, each student will work with an alumni mentor to complete their projects.

  • Isabella Aimone - Art & Art History

    Study of Urban Disconnect
    'Study of Urban Disconnect' is an investigation of how growing up in Chicago impacts your sense of self during your formative years. The installation is composed of multiple paper casts of a face sewn together and adhered to a wall of a gallery. The surface will be wide enough to disappear in the viewer's peripheral vision when they stand in the center. This physical manifestation is meant to be representative of the many faces one sees when walking the streets of Chicago. Viewers will be invited to manually disconnect one small cast from the others and take it home with them. I mean this to be an attempt to mend missed connections in the city.
  • Brittany Anderson - Theatre

    Wild Women
    From the dark depths of Pandora’s Box, from where all the world’s horrors emerged, three harrowing creatures are seen in the darkness. Could they be goddesses? Mythical sea-beasts? The dreaded Furies from the ancient days of Agamemnon, come to enact vengeance on the world? They are far worse. They are...bouffon! In this hour-long irreverent comedy, three grotesque clowns attempt to make sense of modern views about femininity and where "The Wild Woman" has gone. Through audience interaction, storytelling, and shadow puppetry, we explore themes of sexuality, grief, and rage, and where women need them in the world today.
  • Julia Arredondo - Art & Art History

    No More Lazy Lover
    The "No More Lazy Lover" Portable Altar is a traveling sacred space that encourages acts of devotion through digital blessing. Exploring how spirituality is manifested in the digital age, the "No More Lazy Lover" Portable Altar utilizes video projection as a form of prayer. Inspired by text message chain letters and superstitious precautions, the “No More Lazy Lover” Portable Altar encourages participants to petition against the contemporary burden of being cursed with a lazy lover. By keeping the altar non-denominational and inserting a healthy amount of humor, the “No More Lazy Lover” Portable Altar invites viewers to come together through conversation about modern relationships and spirituality in contemporary culture.
  • Jonathan Castillo - Photography

    American Institutional Indebtedness
    My project is a critique of the American system of higher education, the US financial system and federal government policies that are creating generations of indebted citizens. This work utilizes portraits of those burdened with large amounts of student loans printed on handmade paper. This paper is made from shredded US currency at a large scale that is representative of those individual's total student loan debt. The total work is a visualization of student loan debt, as well as a conduit for personal narrative of individuals who are directly effected by the results of profit driven schools and financial systems.
  • Akanksha Chawla - Cinema and Television Arts

    Natural Selection
    A thesis project is a young filmmaker’s opportunity to study something, question something, discover something about herself and her impetus. My work heretofore, always autobiographical, has been about examining privilege, straddling worlds, uncovering erased cultural identities. Originally from India, I grew up in Saudi Arabia consuming western media. I believed the word “white” to be synonymous with the word “free.” In this project I tell my story of having spent ten years embracing Americanness and assimilation only to have my sister’s visa to the US rejected—a sister I have not seen in six years. It’s a deeply personal, painful subject from real life. Powerful filmmaking is about vulnerability and about truth. I am excited to take on this mission with the project I’ll only get to make once.
  • Willa Goettling - Art & Art History

    Surface Tension
    Surface Tension is a limited edition artist book and print-based installation that draws connections between the treatment of the environment and treatment of the feminine body within capitalist society. The project challenges capitalist depictions of the feminine body and the environment as being continually renewable resources available to man. It claims that issues related to environmental degradation and women’s health are too often dismissed and deprioritized by capitalist government, which values economic health over the health of its citizens.
  • Eva Herndon - Cinema and Television Arts

    Deliver Me
    Deliver Me is a short film about a Vietnam draft resister who takes an unexpected trip to Tijuana to help his ex-girlfriend get an abortion. Although this story is set over fifty years ago, it still rings true today. Our purpose in telling this story is to show that we are more affected than we realize by movements we dismiss as not personally relevant, such as the fight to access safe, legal abortions. When movements are defined and identified by a catch phrase or pithy slogan, the disconnect only widens. Within every movement there are individual experiences and telling those stories is how we can use our filmmaking voice to support reproductive rights today.
  • Zihuan Ma - Business and Entrepreneurship

    Through a Dog's Eyes
    When talking about exhibitions, what comes into people’s minds are artworks with an intended human audience although the conceptual underpinnings of each work can range from provocative to stimulating to beautiful or educational. Our mission is to challenge human preconceptions about exhibitions and create cross-species understanding through the universal love between humans and dogs. Through a Dog’s Eyes targets man’s best friend -- a dog. Everything in the exhibition will be displayed at a height that is comfortable for the dog’s level of vision, with an accompanying translated version of the original work to be displayed at the human eye level. Differences between the two visual experiences will be discussed and humans can have fun by exploring these differences.
  • Kaden Maloney - Cinema and Television Arts

    Mayo Curse Mayo Blessing
    This categorical experimental film, Mayo Curse Mayo Blessing (2018) parallels five of the Seven Deadly Sins in a world revolving around condiments, where the ethics of human desires are brought into question. Through the strict attention to action without result, the film aims to leave the audience questioning for themselves whether or not desires, also known as some of the deadly sins, are inherently bad or a matter of use vs. abuse. Mayo, relish, or mustard take on a new, enhanced form as the isolated vehicle to bring pleasure and satisfaction into the life of the faceless characters in this film.
  • Estefania Moreno - Fashion Studies

    Moreno Collection
    The collections created for Moreno offer an elevated luxury approach to streetwear that develops upon the core pillars and approaches them in an artistic way that gives it a more mature, creative aesthetic. The streetwear scene has been male dominated for far too long, at Moreno we offer a line for women that offers the excitement in limited edition pieces that creates that coveted hype integral to streetwear. Each collection looks to answer unfilled voids for the underrepresented and garments that that communicate the ethos of the brand and our customers. Through imagery that changes and evolves along with important socio-cultural topics and event we strive to give a voice, and platform to this customer.
  • Carlos Osuna - Fashion Studies

    A collection focused on adaptive wear and the impact of graffiti as culture value. RULE ZERO is a collection focused on designing in the mindset of those with physical disabilities while creating stylish and modernized garments that will revolutionize the fashion community in every season. Consumers can rely on the consistency of pushing boundaries relating to designing around the seated frame. focusing on unique, simple and smart solutions these garments will ignite innovation and empower consumers when worn. This collection will highlight magnetic closures, single handed zippers and silent velcro to solve the need for adaptive clothing but as well as solve the largest problem in the fashion industry by designing for disability first. RULE ZERO will be another step towards inclusion and adaptive wear.
  • Molly Quinn - Fashion Studies

    an abnormal condition of sleep
    "an abnormal condition of sleep" is a fashion collection that analyzes the German Expressionist movement through its use of horror to portray societal fears and issues. Fear is more than just an emotion, but rather a full body state of distress. The silhouettes of my garment enact this by consuming the wearer through their creeping necklines and swaths of fabric. They also embody the erratic aesthetic of the period through hand-crafted and 3D printed textiles. German Expressionism was a period of great creative innovation in the arts through film and technology and utilizing 3D printing is the modern zeitgeist of advancement in the field of fashion.
  • DiDi Rizzo - Cinema and Television Arts

    Pride & Prejudice & Gays
    The film industry generally invests in stories with repetitive demographic markers, creating high demand for onscreen representation within marginalized communities. As lgbtq+ filmmakers, our intentions for this queer adaptation of Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" is an attempt to redefine the parameters for what constitutes mainstream media. As a result, the core theme of this project focuses on classism instead of sexuality. It is a commentary on the prejudices related to disparities in wealth. It is our belief that global societies stand a chance to some day bring a collective end to racism, sexism, and homophobia. Class discrimination, however, will be the last form of bigotry to overcome. The world of "Pride & Prejudice & Gays" is a reflection of this belief.
  • Mirjana Ursulesku - Art & Art History

    Echoes in the Dust
    Echoes in the Dust is an installation at Columbia College Chicago’s Glass Curtain Gallery and an ongoing site-specific exhibit at the Will County Historical Museum Heritage Village in Lockport, IL, consisting of a series of handmade artist books, large-scale prints, archival documents, and an accompanying sound composition, all examining the history of the immigrants who built the Illinois and Michigan (I&M) Canal, while exploring my own immigrant experiences.
  • Urwa Zubair - Cinema and Television Arts

    Silver Cord
    Silver Cord is an abstract piece that tells the tale of a journey of farewell between a soul and body as they both attempt to transcend to their ultimate destinations: afterlife for the soul and ground for the body. The film centers around Maya, a woman in her mid twenties, whose soul disconnects from her body after a hiking accident, taking her to a hallucinogenic state where she embarks on a voyage of self-discovery and revelation in a whole new world of the afterlife. The film is an exploration of the ultimate unknown: what awaits after death? It is about memory and self-reflection. It highlights the character caught between two different worlds and explores the intersection of different worlds, beliefs, and cultures.